Transfers to and from Liverpool and Manchester Airport for the Best Price

Welcome to Airlink Direct, your first choice for airport transfers in Liverpool. Airlink Direct is Liverpool’s number one low cost travel company.

Getting to the airport can be difficult, expensive and time consuming – none of which you want when you are heading off on your business trip or vacation. Not only does parking at the airport come at quite a hefty cost but roads can often be busy, causing stress and anxiety for travellers who only want to get to their plane on time.

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This is where Airlink Direct’s Liverpool airport transfer service comes in handy. We have a team of drivers with years of experience and knowledge of the road. This guarantees that we can get you to the airport in a fast and timely manner, knowing the routes to take if traffic has built up or an accident has occurred. Similarly, the cost of your journey with Airlink Direct will be significantly less than it would driving yourself. There is no need to pay for fuel, nor the high parking fees at the airport that will probably leave you a long way from your terminal anyway. All in all, we guarantee a comfortable and fast trip to or from the airport.

Friendly, Experienced and Professional Airport Taxi Drivers

Our friendly, professional and welcoming airport transfer team are specialists in providing taxis and 16-seater minibuses for airport travel. We have both men and women drivers who have been CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) checked for your safety and comfort, and we have made countless trips to airports all over the United Kingdom.

Airlink is also one of the most innovative airport transport services in the United Kingdom for the way we have embraced new technologies to ensure you are getting to your destination way ahead of time. When picking you up on your return to the United Kingdom, our company use ‘flight radar’ to track your plane in the sky. This ensures there is no waiting around at the airport to get home if you have landed early, and you don’t have to worry if your plane is due in a little later than was originally expected. Instead, we can perfectly time your arrival for airport pick-ups with this technology which tells us when your flight is going to land. No other company in our industry uses this.

We are based in Liverpool and offer a range of taxi transfers and mini bus hire services for the city and its surrounding areas across the North West including Manchester. We are fully licensed by VOSA and Sefton Councils. We can provide 8-seater and 16-seater taxis and minibus hire to cater to parties of varying sizes.

Check out our video below to find out more about Airlink Direct and the amazing transfer services we provide for customers in the North West of England:

airport-boarding-gates-signMore Than Just Airport Transfers

Airlink Direct are more than just an airport transport company though. We provide a range of different travel services for customers in the North West of England. Here are some of the other services we provide relating to taxi and mini-bus hire:

  • Getting you to and from concerts and corporate events
  • Taking large parties on days or nights out
  • Getting a party to or from stag dos and hen parties
  • Taking people to race days such as the Aintree races
  • Getting a large number of guests to or from a weddings
  • Taking customers to holiday camps
  • Providing transfers for golf days

Why are we the transfer company for you?

  • 100% Trustworthy – We work hard to ensure we maintain our 100% satisfaction guarantee record.
  • Qualified and Experienced Drivers – All our drivers are certified and have years of experience in Liverpool and the North West.
  • Spotless Vehicles – Our vehicles are washed and polished on a regular basis to ensure our customers get the more comfortable service imaginable.
  • Safe Vehicles – Our vehicles comply with the strictest safety tests and are regularly valeted.
  • Cheapest Fare Prices – We can provide our customers with the lowest guaranteed prices.
  • All UK Airports – Our taxi firm and mini bus services make fast and safe airport transfers Liverpool a top priority
  • Range of Destinations – We also transport people to seaports, railway stations and many other destinations.
  • Meetings and Events Transfers – our taxi drivers can top quality provide transport for all events and meetings.
  • Liverpool City Tours – Our services include specialist Liverpool city tours including the Beatles tours, Albert Docks, and all Liverpool tourist attractions for those visiting the city.

Why choose Airlink Direct to take you to the airport?

Getting you to the airport safely and on time is our top priority. With every journey, we plan the route beforehand and keep up to date with all the latest traffic reports. This ensures that you start your trip off the right way.

Travelling can be very stressful – especially if you are pushed for time. Hiring an airport transfer company to take you can alleviate some of the anxiety whether you are going on a business trip by yourself, taking a holiday with the family, or travelling with a large group of mates. We provide a fast service with an thorough knowledge of the roads.

We will endeavour to make your trip to the airport as simple and painless as possible. In the many years we have been in operation, one of the biggest compliments we often receive is the professionalism of our drivers. They have had many years of experience in taking and picking up people from airports all over the United Kingdom and can offer you a top-class service.

Is it worth driving to the airport yourself?

There are several problems that you may encounter if you if you decide to drive yourself to the airport. These include:

  • High parking fees, even when you book in advance
  • Parking far away from your terminal and needing to take a shuttle bus
  • Leaving your car in a location that might be unprotected
  • Getting lost on unfamiliar roads
  • Hitting traffic and potentially missing your flight
  • Falling asleep at the wheel after long journeys

All of these potential issues can be avoided by travelling with a company like us. Our taxi firm and minibus service will save you from incurring parking costs and make sure you are dropped as close as possible to the terminal you are departing from. Our team of expert drivers will also know the best routes to get to the airport even in the event of enormous queues, which we will know about as soon as they occur.

If you would like more information on how you can get to and from the two main North West airports, see their guides: Getting to Liverpool John Lennon Airport & Manchester Airport.

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