Mini Bus Hire Liverpool

Airlink Direct is the number one company for minibus hire in Liverpool. Whether you are heading out on a day trip or jetting off on holiday, we have you covered. You can be sure to receive a high quality, professional service with Airlink Direct, and can feel secure in the knowledge that the start and end of your trip will be taken care of.

We understand how stressful organising transport can be, so we make sure that we provide a reliable and efficient service, to guarantee your peace of mind.

Why choose our minibus service?

In addition to our friendly, reliable and efficient service, at Airlink Direct minibus hire in Liverpool, all of our minibus drivers are highly experienced and our vehicles are maintained to a very high standard on a regular basis. All of our minibuses come with a full license and can pick you up and drop you off at the destination of your choice.

The size of your party will determine which minibus you hire from us. But don’t worry; we have a range of minibuses to choose from. We offer a 4 seater Mercedes-Benz, 8 seater and 16 seater minibuses.

8 Seater Minibus Hire

If you are looking to travel with 6-8 people, we have 8 seater minibuses for hire in Liverpool. This is ideal if you are planning short-medium trips either within the UK or to and from airports.

16 seater Minibus Hire

We also have 16 seater minibuses for hire in Liverpool. These vehicles are ideal if you are looking to transport a larger group of people, and are perfect for hen and stag night transport! Our vehicles can also be fitted with a trailer for extra luggage space.

Minibus Hire Destinations, Liverpool

There’s a lot to do in Liverpool, and plenty of fantastic destinations to visit as part of a group. Arranging travel to these destinations doesn’t need to be a hassle – just hire a minibus to take you to the event, and take you home. No-one needs to worry about driving, and groups of any size can be accommodated!

Anfield and Goodison Park


Liverpool’s football stadia are world-famous for hosting some of the fastest-paced and most exciting football games in England. Whether you’re a Red or a Blue, they’re a fantastic option for a day out, but on match day the stress of driving there and parking can be off-putting. Simply hire a Liverpool minibus from Airlink and we’ll be able to get your party there, and take you to your next destination afterwards! No worries about parking near the grounds, and none of the hassle of driving there.


Albert Dock


The site of some of Liverpool’s most popular restaurants, museums, cafes and nightlife, the Albert Dock is the premier destination in Liverpool for leisure and relaxation. Located in the heart of the city centre, where Liverpool meets the sea, the docks are a historic and cultured location full of activities to fill a day or night. Our minibus service in Liverpool can carry your party there, and pick you up after a long day or sightseeing and shopping, or a relaxed evening of good food and even better cocktails.

The Cavern Club


Another historic Liverpool site and the most popular tourist destination in the city, The Cavern Club was the birthplace of The Beatles and has played host to hundreds of very high-profile musicians since then. Right in the middle of the club and bar scene, the Cavern Club keeps the music playing late and lets you drink in a little bit of music history. Since there are few parking opportunities nearby, and you may wish to have a pint while the bands play, a Liverpool minibus from Airlink Direct may be just what you need to get you there and back again.