Our Vehicles

We have a range of vehicles suitable for different transport requirements, from 4-seater cars to 8-seater and 16-seater minibuses, allowing us to accommodate groups of any size. If you’re interested in booking a transfer, please call us on 0151 280 0350, and we’ll be able to provide you with more information.

Our pricing for Liverpool to Manchester begins at just £80, and varies for the number of passengers you need to transport and the length of the journey:

4 Seater Saloon Car

If you’re looking for a quality transfer and your group isn’t big enough for a minibus, then our four-seater saloon cars could be perfect for you. Operated by our experienced drivers, these cars will get you where you need to go, on time, in comfort and in style.

Our drivers will plan your route and ensure you get to your destination on time for any flight or event, and the vehicles are cleaned and maintained on a strict schedule to guarantee you a comfortable, safe journey.

8 Seater Mini Bus


For some journeys and some groups, a 4-seater car won’t cut it. Rather than ordering multiple cars, however, you can keep larger groups together and cut costs with a single vehicle – an 8-seater minibus from Airlink Direct. These 8-seaters are perfectly suited to transporting groups of up to 8 people or fewer people with larger amounts of luggage. Excellently suited for families, transporting workgroups or helping larger groups get from A to B, these 8 seater minibuses have more than enough room for most trips!

8 Seater Executive Mini Bus

Our new executive minibus will guarantee a comfortable and sleek ride – whether you’re travelling to the airport, a wedding or you are in need of corporate/executive transport – our new minibus will ensure a worry free journey. It has 8 luxury seats, full air conditioning, limo glass windows and an automatic drive for a smooth trip whilst travelling home from a long flight or conference.

16 Seater Mini Bus


Our 16 seater minibus is perfect for larger groups. With a large amount of luggage space, and enough seats to accommodate large groups, these minibuses are the perfect choice for airport transfer for large holiday groups, extended family groups and offices in need of personnel transport. Driven by experienced professionals, the Airlink Direct 16 seater minibus can get you where you need to go on time and in comfort. Cleaned and serviced regularly, the 16-seater minibuses are a safe and reliable way to travel, and their drivers will ensure to plan your route thoroughly and make sure you arrive on time.

With a bigger group, don’t leave anything to chance and don’t complicate matters with extra vehicles – an Airlink Direct 16-seater minibus might be the perfect thing for your needs!

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